Samsung's new Galaxy, consumer debt loads & Tinder's new plan: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP

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Of all the companies that have tried, Samsung has likely come the closest to making the mythical "iPhone killer" with its popular line of Galaxy products. The South Korean company unveiled two new versions of the Galaxy this week, in one of our most popular reads of the past seven days.

It looks sexy, it has fun games and apps and generally repeats all the things that consumers have come to love about the line. But as the CBC's Dianne Buckner reported this week, corporate power-users are getting excited about the latest Galaxy phones, the S6 and the S6 Edge, in part because of a partnership with BlackBerry — a name they know and love for its security.

It could be a match made in heaven, one telecom analyst told us. "If you're an Android fan," said PeterMisek, a Canadian venture partner and tech expert with DN Capital, "I suspect this is going to cause you to rethink the device you're using."

Debt loads keep growing

Canadians may be saving a lot of money at the gas pump this year, but new data this week suggests they're not actually socking that money into their savings.

Statistics Canada said this week the household savings rate is near a five-year low, and credit monitoring firm Equifax says the average Canadian now owes $21,000 — and that doesn't include the mortgage.

World Mobile Congress Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones March 1 2015

Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones will be packed with BlackBerry security. (Albert Gea/Reuters)

So, how much debt is too much? "That's not yet clear," says Regina Malina, Equifax's senior director. "I think the learning from the last quarter of 2014 is that while the key credit indicators are still in check, it's obvious that the economic situation can change quickly and unexpectedly. And under those circumstances we may get very quickly to the tipping point."

France's new lemon law

Speaking of things at their tipping point, France made headlines this week when it implemented a new law that should be of interest to anyone who's been disappointment when a major appliance broke down.

The new law takes aim at so-called "planned obsolescence" — that's when furniture and appliance makers intentionally make their products poorly, so consumers will be compelled to replace them more often.

The new law decrees that companies not only have to let consumers know how long they can reasonably expect their new dishwasher to last, but also how long they can expect replacement parts to still be produced.

France is getting a lot of credit for the bold move, but so far no similar action is planned in Canada. Consider that cold comfort for anyone wondering why their three-year-old furnace only seems to go on the fritz when it's -28 outside.

Pay to play

It's possible to find love at any age, but if you're 30 or older, it'll cost you. That's because the popular dating app, Tinder, is rolling out a premium version with extra features.

The price is $9.99 for U.S. users — but that's only if you're 29 or younger. 'Older' users have to pay double. The company says it's because younger people just don't have the money.

"But it's probably more that they're looking to price out what they would consider an older demographic that they don't want," technology analyst Douglas Soltys told the CBC's Aaron Saltzman in his report this week.

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Samsung's new Galaxy, consumer debt loads & Tinder's new plan: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP

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Samsung's new Galaxy, consumer debt loads & Tinder's new plan: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP

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Samsung's new Galaxy, consumer debt loads & Tinder's new plan: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP

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