Attempt by brands to capitalize on #TheDress met by mockery, derision

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Always quick on the uptake when it comes to Tumblr trends, Denny's was in fact one of the first brands to mention the dress.

*stops furiously scribbling amidst dozens of coffee cups* there is no dress. it is not the dress that changes colors, it is only yourself.Denny's

IHOP, which was clearly refreshing Buzzfeed's homepage compulsively in an attempt to learn cool teen slang yesterday, posted this tweet just minutes after the website's dress article went live:

idk what color that dress is but pancakes are definitely gold and butter is definitely whiteIHOP

A lot of brands came up with the exact same original idea of "seeing" the dress in their own logo or product's colours.

Definitely Red and White! #HaveAbreak #TheDress #breakfromthedress #TeamRedAndWhite

Trust us, #TheDress is white.Clorox

We see it as blue and yellow, but we may be a tiny bit biased. #TheDress du Soleil

#TheDress might look better in red and white.Coca-Cola

You're not the only ones @Cirque! We see blue & yellow too :) #TheDress USA

Clearly it's copper and black. #TheDressDuracell

Proud to be black & white, or is it white & black? #TheDress --- Ireland

#TheDress looks silver and blue to us.Coors Light

It's white and gold. Hut

We see #blueandyellow...of course. Bring out #TheDressHellmann's

Let's settle this once and for all, it's blue and white. #Effortless #TheDress

You all have it all wrong. It's red & red. #TheDressFireball Whisky

This is awkward, it's actually white and red.'s Pizza

White and gold? Black and blue? All we see is white and red. #TheDressbarefootwine

White and gold, black and blue... We only have eyes for silver. #TheDress #AvGeeks Airlines

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. It looks Rainbow to me. #TheDressSkittles

Some brands fared a little bit better, going the extra centimeter to create cute custom graphics and gifs illustrating how hip they are.

Why does everyone keep calling us Gold and White now? What's going on, Internet?! #TheDress #WhatColorsAreThisDress'S® Brand

Looks like a problem when you don't use Tide Plus ColorGuard. #TheDress #DressGate

Heavy debate, but we decided: both. What do you see? #thedress #FordMustang Motor Company

All we see is comfortable. #TheDress #CrocNation Shoes

#whiteandgold or #blackandblue? We found a way around science- you can have both! #TheDress #dressgate

No matter what color you see, there's no denying our Ram trucks look great. #TheDress

It doesn't matter which color you see, we've got you covered. #TheDress Paint

You don't need to pick a side. #thedress'Oreal Paris USA

Blue. Black. White. Gold. We see them all. #GalaxyS5 #TheDress

If u see blu n blak, u shood eat chikin. If u see whyte n gold, u shood stop eatin burgerz. #TheDress Mor Chikin Cowz

Doesn't matter if it's blue/black or white/gold, they still taste delicious. #thedress' Donuts

The dress is blue and black. #thedress #teamblueandblack®

Others just kind of posted tweets promoting their own products and services under hashtags associated with the dress.

Definitely not blue #TheDress

It's black. End of discussion. #ElevationEdition #TheDress

The dress is white & gold...time to get over it & watch the #VSSwimspecial!!Victoria's Secret

Hey internet, you obsess over a dress when you're hungry. #DressGate #BlackandBlue #WhiteandGold #EatASNICKERS®

Whether you're #TeamWhiteandGold or #TeamBlueandBlack — everyone is on #TeamBreadsticks. #TheDress Garden

Less concerned about #thedress and more concerned about the #lastchobani in the fridge.Chobani

Fashionably late? #TheDress Cookie

No filter. #TheDress Lite

Uh... okay.

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Attempt by brands to capitalize on #TheDress met by mockery, derision

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Attempt by brands to capitalize on #TheDress met by mockery, derision

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